Mike He – Taiwan Actor

Name: 賀軍翔 / He Jun Xiang
English name: Mike He
Also known as: 賀小美 / He Xiao Mei
Profession: Actor, Model
Date of birth: 1983-Dec-28
Birthplace: Taiwan
Height: 180cm
Weight: 66kg
Star sign: Capricorn
Blood type: B

Mike He Jun Xiang started his career in acting an idol series in Taiwan as a small case. He attracted eyes of a lot of audiences and went popular after hosting the entertainment news on tv. He also modeled for magazines and TV commercials and become popular with his attractive figure, handsome looks, and charming smile. He then appeared in a few music videos with Valen Hsu and Angelica Lee before given real chance in acting. Mike does continue to feature with some other MVs, the more popular include his appearance in Ariel Lin’s and Rainie Yang’s MV.

Mike’s first TV mini series was Seventh Grade in 2003/2004. He was already given the leading role alongside Ariel Lin despite being his first acting appearance. Modelling was something he still stayed active in and posed for a few classic advertisement as well as TV commercials. One of his most famous ads of all time is for an underwear company, which received mass reviews and praises from media and fans. He reunited with Ariel Lin again in 2004 TV drama Love Contract (愛情合約) and had a short but catchy appearance in Say Yes Enterprise.

2005 was the breakthrough year for Mike, his leading TV mini series Devil Beside You (惡魔在身邊) with Rainie Yang and Express Boy with Xu Wei Lun were 2 of the best rated TV series in Taiwan. His TV dramas were popular overseas as well and he has lots of friends in Japan, Korea, China and South East Asia as well as Western countries like Australia and USA.

Mike He has just finish filming his latest TV drama, Marry me! (我們結婚吧) and is starting his promotion tour in Taiwan, Australia and probably some other Asia countries. The series will be broadcasted somewhere in July.

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